Welcome to the Shadow J Ranch

Proud home of Tennessee Walking Horses
naturally trained to Parelli Level 3.

Proud home of The Feed Sack Store
making environmentally responsible value-added agricultural products.

The Shadow J Ranch is dedicated to making the world a better place for humans and animals. Our efforts honor the natural partnership between humans and animals while making environmentally responsible products that you can enjoy while saving the earth!

We offer a variety of natural lifestyle products ranging from experience based publications to value-added agriculture products from our ranch. Check out our publications in the Shadow J Ranch Product List. The Shadow J Ranch strives to make products that you can enjoy while helping save the earth! We welcome all suggestions for new products or improvements to our current products. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

We are a small organic ranch where the residents enjoy a natural lifestyle in the beautiful oak covered hills of North Texas. Our ranch residents consume a lot food and we are constantly seeking ways to reuse or recycle the feed sacks rather than send them to the landfill. Our latest product repurposes woven polypropylene feed sacks into upcycled tote bags, purses, aprons, decorative pillows, and lamp shades. Check out these products in our Feed Sack Store. Each item is a colorful handmade piece of Americana country art illustrating life on an environmentally responsible ranch. We welcome all suggestions for new products that can help save the earth or improvements to our current products.

Our environmentally responsible up-cycled feed sack products are available for purchase at:

Square Market Up-cycled Feed Sack Products and
Etsy Up-cycled Feed Sack Products.


We would like to encourage everyone to recycle and have developed patterns so that you can make your own upcycled feed sack products. Check out our upcycled feed sack patterns:

Free Simple Wine Tote Bag Pattern

We are a proud member of GoTexan.